The Site

Wide area map of the project site(Tongyeong Urban Regeneration New Deal Project and (former) Shina sb dockyard)

Regional location of the project site

Location of Tongyeong Urban regeneration New Deal Project and (Former) Shina sb dockyard

Premises of (Former) Shina sb dockyard and Main Facilities

Main Details of the Project

  • Location: 195 Donam-ro, Tongyeong-si, Gyeongsangnam-do (Shina sb dockyard)
  • Area:
    • (total area) Urban Regeneration New Deal Zone – 510,000㎡
    • (focused design area) (former) Shina dockyard site – 185,000㎡(including public waterfront)
  • Project Date: 2018 ∼ 2023
  • Project Cost: KRW 1 trillion 104.1 billion (financial support from government KRW 41.7 billion, LH KRW 120 billion, Tongyeong KRW 30.4 billion, private investors KRW 710 billion, etc.)
  • Facilities to be Maintained: Main building · auxiliary / docks (two) / goliath crane (1 unit)
  • Project Phases: This project will be divided into phases carried out by LH* and phases carried out by private and government investors**
    • (Phase 1) Entrepreneurship center and resident support center through remodeling the main building and auxiliary buildings
    • (Phase 2) Site reforming by LH (installation of core facilities including a maritime park, etc.)
    • (Phase 3) Private commercial facilities (hotels, entertainment facilities, business, residence, etc.), in addition to the regeneration project for the exiting city

* LH portion: Project planning, licenses and permits, site reforming, entrepreneurship center
** Private and government portion: For locations other than the above, private investors will implement their own plans (some supported by the government)

Objectives and Considerations

  • Objective: A model for coexistence through the reinvigoration of an existing city by establishing a future-oriented, regenerated waterfront town consisting of a hub for culture, tourism, maritime industry, etc., on the site of a dockyard that was closed due to stagnation in the shipbuilding industry
  • Plan Direction
    • Regeneration of dockyard Facilities: Plan to give a new life to the site through the synthesis of ‘old’ and ‘new’ and the introduction of new functions
    • Plans for Core Facilities: Plan to establish a globally renowned hub of tourism and install aesthetically pleasing landmarks in order to ‘upgrade’ Tongyeong, a Korean port city known for its beauty.
    • Regeneration Plan for the Existing City: Plans for the ‘modernization and regeneration of the existing city‘ through the formation of a ‘waterfront town’ and the ‘reinvigoration of dockyard facilities’ and the resulting reinvigoration of the regional economy.
  • Considerations for the Plans
    • Plans for Urban Regeneration at the (Former) Shina sb dockyard Site and the Urban Regeneration New Deal Zone
    • Establishment of a Global Hub for Tourism, Cultural, Maritime Activities
    • Designing a Residential Waterfront Town
    • Formation of a Business Complex for Economic Growth and Jobs
    • Relationship with the Surrounding Areas for Coexistence

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